Saturday, February 26, 2011

Went watch it with piko-chan last night. I think it was awesome. Lets see... First off, I like the characters. Josh in the movie is so lengzai. huhuhu! Then the story, trapped in a deep cave with a storm hitting. We can see the different sides of human when they are faced with life and death situation. Making tough decisions. Survival skills. Ego and principles. Trust. An unspoken love of a father. 

On another note, my FYP presentation went well. Received some good comments. My supervisor was also satisfied with my performance. The night before I couldn't sleep at all. Rehearse few times before sleep. But keep dreaming of presentation stuff and waking up. Anyhow, still have to act energetic on that day. Damn relaxed after the presentation though. Yippie!!!  


foongpc said...

Watched Sanctum and enjoyed the movie! At first I thought it's going to be a monster movie haha!

Vincent Goh said...

Lol..dreaming about presentation stuffs ? What you dream jek ? ^^