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Friday, February 11, 2011

In response to a comment by anonymous, "well, it juz like, she might want u to get married and have a bunch of grandson/daughter for her...from ur blog i think u d only boy isnt it? so isnt juz u should carry ur family name to ur next generation...well, that's my opinion..sorry, no offence"

No offense taken.

My mum told me that she wants to travel around the world and not be my kids babysitter. Not that I do not want kids. I don't mind having adopted kids. Plus, when Hins Cheung came out, my mum still adored him and said that whoever he loves is his personal business. 

As for my family name, I don't think I have any obligations towards it. I am not into all the traditional stuff like passing on my name or whatever.

Honestly, if u are in pain because u are doing something unwillingly (such as studying medicine when your interest is fashion) do u not think that ur mom would feel the pain too. I think most parents just want to see their kids happy. My mom used to say that I should be a doctor or lawyer like most chinese parents would want. I said no because I have no interest at all. Rather than walking down a road unwillingly, I always believe that we should try to talk things out. I also believe in flexibility and freedom of choice as long as no harm onto others are done.


Anonymous said...

I'd pity your adopted kid.
I hope you won't adopt any.

Argue as much as you like, but an adopted kid with 2 gay parents is one of the most humiliating thing in this country.
He/She will be humiliated upon all his/her friends and be picked on throughout childhood and possibly even beyond that.

It's a lot worse than having "Gaylord Focker" as you real name.

Bravebear said...

First of all, who said about adopting kids in THIS country?

2nd, can u predict the future? I would adopt a kid whether it is with my partner or not. And how do u know he WILL be picked on? Is the future urs to see? People change.

Mr.D said...

love this post, you really are a brave bear. =)

Vincent~ said...

same stand mr bear. XD

wao, i nvr seen haters here lolx, quite cute. hahahahaha

well, if ppl really want to do things for the greater good then let them, mayb they can trick themselves into thinking tat they are straight while being unhappy for the rest of their life, then they will jz beat/torture their natural birth child jz to get their frustration out.

nice circle they got there lolx.

Anonymous said...

He/She WILL be picked on.
I do not need to see the future to know that he/shee will be picked upon. It's common sense.

The Society as a whole will never change.
Unless the society itself becomes gay, your adopted child will be humiliated every day.

If every guy in this world is Gay, there is no need for an apocalypse to end the human species.
It'll just die out by the next century.

You say your mum is happy for you to be happy.
But I'm pretty sure she don't go telling people that his son is gay.
If you're straight and getting married, I bet she'll tell the whole world.
See the difference?
With the former, she probably had to force herself to believe that it's the best bla bla bla.
With the later, it's pure bliss.

nicky05 said...

anyway it's ur decision.

savante said...

Walk your own path. YOu're right. YOur parents only want you to be happy :)

Anonymous said...

woah! i really looking forward for ur reply n here, u posted a post..hehehhe...well, wutever decision u made...i really hope that u will able to have a beautiful and loving family in d future...i do really hope..;)....aminnn...

Lia Carinthia said...

It's okay. :) Rachel Berry has two gay dads. And she's proud of it.