First Post of 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 is here. A new year and a new sem is starting for me. I will be starting my final year project soon. So troublesome but it has to be done.

New years and Christmas celebration has been peaceful for me. I don't like the crowd anyway. A simple and satisfying dinner with piko-chan.

Oh, I did an experiment that started 1month ago. I changed my burst date to 31st of December on facebook. Funny thing is, people that celebrated my burstday with me in 2009 also wished me. My burstday is on the lovely month of May. Nearly a hundred wished me and only 6 person knew it wasn't my burstday. I am totally not shocked by the number because I wanted to see how many people would actually wish me twice a year. It was also to test how many people fully rely on facebook to keep track of things. For me, I personally prefer my handphone to register burstdays. Maybe I am outdated but I think my handphone is much trustier. I know a few of my friends also register fake birthdays for their own reasons.


simonlover said...

Yalo! Forgot u shared d same BD with me - tim!Haha. Nvr met u b4 ma, hence haven't have the "deep" feelings towrads you - yet! Hehehehehehe. Paiseh oh!

Vincent~ said...

tat's a good one, tresure the ones who know it isnt ur birthday then lolx.

nicky05 said...

try not do that again like paris hilton did, testing frens among the best.

Ultraman Jino said...

haha i turned off the birthday on fb and guess what? less than 20 people wish me on facebook on the right date. however 100 turn up on 1st jan hahaha. sure is fun to see this.

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