Xenri Japanese Buffet

Friday, May 28, 2010

It was 23rd of May (means my birthday... understand~lah) when dardar and I left the house for KL. It was one of the other surprise that dardar secretly planned. This one was well kept, but I did guess what it was gonna be. This was an easy guess coz we have been talking about it ever since we were together. LOL! I have a pretty good nose for whatever my dardar plans to do. hehehe... Anyway, we headed for Menara Hap Seng. The place was awfully quiet. Not much people around. Lucky day for us I guess, we were served with some man-beef to fill our eyes first. A gwai lou though, I am sure many of my blog readers won't really know how to appreciate it. Hahaha! 

Xenri only opens at 11.30 for the Japanese lunch buffet! As we entered, we were greeted by all the staff there. Everyone was gleaming with a smile. I was partially shocked with the interior design. Quite nice I would say. We savoured almost everything they had to offer. Well, all except for those cheap fruits & sushi. My 1st time trying raw oysters and it was disastrous. I almost puke the 1st time it went in. Urgh... Maybe it's not yet the time for me to enjoy such delicacy. As for what I have eaten I will leave it to the pictures to do the talk. The food is good, but may not really be all that good for the body.

Too many pictures... Maybe I will post them in facebook-lah~ 

~Not everyone is suited for huge amount of raw intake~

Dardar, Gor 1, Gor 2 & Ah Sou

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

 So just before my birthday, dardar planted some surprise for me. Me being me, I can sniff out those surprises easily. Dardar being dardar, he cant keep surprises well. LOL! So Gor1, Gor2 and Ah Sou joined us or a pre-birthday celebration. What a 'surprise' when I see the 3 of them walk into Full House @ Sunway pyramid. Of cos I am happy to be able to meet my gors again. Gor2 a.k.a Nicky kept looking at his phone. Hmph! Act like so bored. So I went over to his side to kacau him. Dinner was not filling enough as the portion has down-sized tremendously. We then cam-whored a little to loosen up ourselves. Then we head out to get some drinks but ended up inhaling cigarette smoke. Sometimes I just wish all smokers to just vanish from the earth. The air would be less polluted. The last stop for the night was at Kim Gary. I ordered this fried fillet burger that is not worth mentioning but I really likey the mango drink with sago that I had. Yum Yum...

 ~Thank you dardar, Gor1, Gor2 & Ah Sou~

Soon Soon Lye Salmon Noodle Review

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last nights dinner was at this outlet in Puchong. Dardar and Bear had always passed by this restaurant whenever we stop by at the vegetarian for dinner. We ordered the salmon fish head noodle & salmon neck and belly noodle. The price range is within RM7.50 to RM17.00. Affordable. This restaurant was also featured by 988 radio channel. Should be quite popular at least among the locals in Puchong. According to the bear's taste buds, nice to eat and just one thumbs up. Why? The taste is okay, but nothing to shout about. But perhaps it's because we ordered 2 of the most economical dish available. LOL! Anyway, it is HIGHLY recommended that if you somehow wanna try it out, order anything but the salmon fish head noodle. Don't be fooled by the Chef's recommendation by the side of the menu. Avoid them at all costs!!! Overall the food is not bad but just nothing amazing. Can give a go but I don't think you will be back for more.

~Everyone has different taste~

It's Not All Honey

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It has been 5 months. Throughout this period when we were together not everything is sweet and sappy. There are times where we have communication breakdown. Just like yesterday, a morning outing turned disastrous when minute trivial matters compiled consecutively. Yeah, arguments can start over unimportant things. When the bear gets irritated by external factors, he try other ways to calm himself down and when some other creature intentionally shutdown the options, it just pisses him off. From a simple irritation from the sunlight to my skin, together with some untimely teasing is enough to set the bear into a foul mood. Then comes the bear that wants to let out its frustration through roaring at some uneconomical no-taste-humans but his mouth gape was shut clean. With that comes the rampage that no salmon has ever seen. Words from the tongue of other creatures may not get through when the bear is enraged. Sometimes it's best to just let the bear be alone. Solitary may be essential for a creature to reflect on his actions.

"Warning to all creatures of the forest, bears are highly territorial. He needs his own space. Never stop a bear from doing what he enjoys, he might end up tearing you apart"

~Do Not Mess With the Bear~

Ip Man 2 movie review

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just wow! I really didn't expect the sequel of the first movie to be this good. It was even better than the first!  This time around, they even threw in a touch of comedy and laughter. It really helped to lighten the whole movie. The fighting scenes were really good.  As always, Donnie Yen is fast and furious. With the introduction of Sammo Hung as an equal to Donnie Yen's character really made things more interesting. I was a little skeptical  at first  that the old and fat Sammo Hung wouldn't be able to pull off such a feat. Sammo also being the action director as well really did a job well done.

It wasn't all about fights. Through Ip Man, Donnie Yen teaches about the values and quality of martial arts and together with Sammo Hung they try to convey the importance of mutual respect and integrity. With the appearance of Huang Xiao Ming as the first disciple of Ip Man gave a reason to many girls and PLUs alike to watch the movie. He is such a hottie. I didn't really know who he was until the end of the movie. I overheard several girls talking about him being the little monk that was a real hit last time. Those Shaolin kung fu movies where there was two little monks that fights evil. According to those girls, Huang Xiao Ming was the skinny little monk back then as the other was more plump. A must see movie. Just too good to miss out such a good movie.

~If you miss this, you are really missing out~

Malaysian Drivers

Thursday, May 6, 2010

 Captured from dardar's car

I think most drivers don't really know what the yellow box is for. As we can see from the picture above, drivers as well as motorcyclist are putting their life on the line stopping in the yellow box all for the sake of getting to their destination in 1 or 2 seconds faster? Really fast and Furious... The all time well known Malaysian driver attitude.

~I hope you win the race~

Pinking at the Mamak

Monday, May 3, 2010

The bear and salmon was pretty hungry last night. They went on a mamak session nearby salmon's house only to encounter an old man wearing the exact same shirt as the salmon. What a pink day! The salmon seems to be bumping into many people that wears the same shirt as his nowadays. Popular? More like getting normal these days. But the bear could really imagine what it must have felt to be wearing the same shirt as an uncle at a mamak stall. Must be HORRIBLE! Imagine yourself sitting nearby an uncle that is nearing his 50's and he wore the exact same shirt as you! Ugh... 

Having that said, the bear had one of the best roti ever. The roti Bom was really good. Unlike the conventional roti Bom that bear normally had, this one has a normal roti canai as the base and a sweet crispy layer of the sweet stuff on top of it. As for the Cham Ice, the strong tea taste is just remarkable. It's way better than most mamak that serves Teh Ais that is just sweet and you could hardly taste the tea.

~Avoid Giordano~