Home Alone

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I am sooo bored. The Atlantica server is down for maintenance and honestly, that's the only thing I have been doing at home for as long as I can recall. Occasionally I workout when I feel motivated. Well, usually after admiring hunky dudes like this one~

Or this one~

Then when I get real horny is time for some p0rn artsy movie and some activity that I think many guys are familiar with. lol... So, what do you do home alone on a holiday?


J-boy said...

Sometimes when i'm home alone, I walk around naked haha. Can dance around like an idiot, and watch porn on full blast!

Gratitude said...

I alwiz have my 5 friends with me :P

William said...

Ooo... the 2nd guy is cute.

pikey said...

Remember to clean the floor, lols

Just B3cks said...

Axcesting, fridaeing, trevvying, grindring, planetromeoing.... Then hook up! Lol... No, not me. Just a suggestion for single-ish. :p