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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My average score for most test don't fall below 85%. My coursemates assume that I am very hardworking. Just yesterday, my lecturer decided to make me the class role-model. What they don't realize is that I am just as lazy as them. I play Atlantica Online during my free hours. I watch TV at dardar's house. I read Facebook most of the time. I spend time talking to dardar about many things. I am just an average Joe enjoying life in a way I think is enjoyable.

So, how/when do I study?

1) I do last minute revision. I think alot people do the same. Dardar can be my eye witness. I am LAZY.
2) I know my limit/ability. I estimate the minimum amount of time I need to revise the subject to maintain the pointer. I normally take 1 night or 2 to cover 1 subject.
3) If you know the subject have alot of memorizing to do, write short simple notes. I only do this when the handouts are too long and filled with repitition or infos that I think is useless in exams. 
4) Always attend lectures. Pay attention to the tips/hints given by the lecturer. They may say things like "Students normally can't answer when I ask them...", "This is very important", "I may include this in the test".
5) Know the format/ style of the lecturer. If they say they will ask essay type questions, focus more on topics that have comparisons, processes as well as factors that are 5 and more. I would normally avoid definitions if is essay type. If is objective questions I would just read the notes many times and try to memorize those with 3 or 4 factors. 
6) Borrow reference books when you don't understand. Most of the time I only read lecture notes but there are times when I borrow books to get a better understanding on certain topics. This is normally becoz the handouts given don't have good explanations.
7) Study/ practice everyday if you are learning a new language. I am taking Japanese and I study whenever I am not around dardar. In between classes or during lunch break. Then around dardar, I try to speak Japanese with whatever vocab I can recall.
8) Open your mouth! Ask questions when you don't understand. By doing so, you not only get your answers but the lecturer also knows that you are interested in his lecture. They get to know you and remembers your name. They might even get friendly and provide you with their handphone number. This will go a long way if you are expected to be in his/her class for several semesters.
9) Don't be shy, ask for exam tips and guides from lecturers. They MAY or MAY NOT give but at least I will know if he/she does.  

Lastly, study style differs for everyone. The way I study is applicable because I am just taking Bachelor of Aquaculture. Not medicine, pharmacy or engineering.


tuls said...

aquaculture sounds cool wey! haha... good scoring the aqua subjects :)

word verification: unpoke

Whizkid said...

Aquaculture? U know Muta Harah?
Can't deny it, we all luv to do last minute revision. I hate attend lectures and ponteng whenever can.

Gratitude said...

You study smart dude.
I used to do no. 3 too. Lotsa post-its used ;)

ichimaru akira said...

actually,It doesn't really matter what type of degree ur taking cos ur study methods are almost universal

pikey said...

Like I always say... you are smart lor (and cute)

Good way of studying smart but I really agree with you on asking questions. So much faster to understand.

Universal method of studying that achieves a list of dean awards and vice chancellor award..

Ganbatte kudasai~

Bravebear said...

tuls, it only sounds cool...

Whizkid, I know her...

Gratitude, in another word is lazy. hahaha!

Ichi, almost universal means it is not applicable to certain degree. At least my coursemates only do number 1 and leaves out the rest. laugh die me...

dardar, piak piak :p

Whizkid said...

I dun know if you like her, good luck. We all don't XD

Skyhawk said...

It does not matter how you study, the ultimate aim is the outcome, that's the result. Smart guy!!

nicky05 said...

try acronym.

Bravebear said...

Whizkid, I have not attend her lectures yet :p

Skyhawk, I malu dipuji :p

nicky, I use that often!