Bosco, Fussy Food Choice

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bosco DOESN'T like colour enhancing pellets that I gave him. He was ok with them in the beginning. But when I changed him to a larger tank he somehow no longer wants to eat the pellets I gave. He would nibble nibble the floating pellet then leave it alone. Worse is he would swallow it and then vomit it out. Zzz... The thing is, I don't understand why Bosco doesn't eat the pellets coz my friend Patrick also bought one Betta and the same feed but his fish is eating. I was a little worried cos I bought the pellet for RM8! dammit! so waste lor... plus it was a very small 35g bottle only. At the same time I also bought some artificial powdered feed for one of my projects in uni. My team managed to breed some Molly fish and require some tiny feed in powdered form. So I tried feeding the same powdered feed to Bosco and luckily he likes them. I also bought some frozen bloodworms but have yet to feed him those. The frozen bloodworm only cost RM2! Really cheap and recommended.

~Animals living under pikey's roof are picky eaters~


William said...

Betta Buffet?

Gratitude said...

fussy fish. I betcha it'll start eating if you strave it long enough.

Lucas said...

worms and mosquito larvae are the best natural colour enhancers for fighting fishes :)

Ash eats godiva said...

breeding molly for an assignment??cool^^