My Little Angel

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The bear got this plant from the nursery in Sg. Buloh during the past weekend. The nursery is located near the Sg. Buloh Hospital. There is a junction with a signboard Kampung Orang Asli Sg. Buloh where you turn in and there you will find lots of plant nursery. The bear have no experience or what-so-ever in taking care of plants. Wait, bear know how to water the plants. LOL. Dardar and bear didn't know the name of the plant. The purple flower actually looks like smaller version of orchids. Bear would have named it the 'Orchid Imitator' if he never found the plants name. But dardar heard that the florist at the nursery said that is a satay flower. HATE that name! Bear refuse to accept it! Therefore he went home to Google but to no avail. Dardar come across into a forum that discuss about flowers. Check out at flowers forum. Dardar then registered and posted it on the forum for answers. Two days later we got replies saying that it is a Angelonia. Some calls it Angelface or Summer Snapdragon. Cool name! Bear was so happy that it's not called satay flower >.<"

Bear also did some further reading on the plant. Apparently it loves the sunlight. Before that bear was afraid it would not tolerate the heat. They also mention that it gives out a certain apple or grape soda scent. Thanks to nose block bear couldn't smell anything. Aside from that, bear also planted 2 pots of chinese celery (also known as kint sai to most chinese consumers). They were bought from Tesco. Bear loves to eat chinese celery. It goes really well with steamed fish and Bak Kut Teh. Yummy! Caution to those that wanna get the seeds. Tesco sells them for a very expensive price. The nursery at Giants sells them at a cheaper price.

~I wish I am an angel too~


Legend said...

purple >>>> gay colour
suit u.

William said...

Yin Sai is it?


huh? yim sai? wat?!?

Bravebear said...

Legend, LOL! Is purple a gay colour? Lots of people wear purple in UPM. Many gays there I guess.

William & L2, When I buy from Tesco, the picture shows the Yin Sai but it's name is written Chinese Celery. But I google and found out that Yin Sai is Chinese parsley. I am confused too. Lets wait till it grows then we will know.

the happy go lucky one said...

i used to have green fingers, but no more :P and yes i love the yin sai with their distinctive smell :)

Lucas said...

yes bbear, im pretty sure yin sai is known as either chinese parsley or corriander.

good luck with ur pot projects :)

Gratitude said...

Bear, you should have bought some chrysanthemum plants, so ur dardar cld use the wilted flowers to make you kok fa cha! wakakaka

Nice one on growing yim sai. I'm glad I planted some too.... so easy! ^-^

Legend said...

It's common knowledge.
The colour purple is often associated to gays.
Wearing purple does not make a person gay though. And I bet most UPM people don't know it anyway.
It's just tat gay people like to associate themselves with purple like how wearing earring on the right means u r gay.

manglish said...

ohhh got smell one ar? i like flower with smell one hhahahah

Xjion89 said...

wow, so natural gah?! i like ooo~~~but, i keep cactus instead^^

Bravebear said...

happy, why not?

Lucas, thanks :)

Gratitude, yee... how come u oso say like dat de... That dardar oso say want kok fa... But I dun wan. :p

Legend, I have seen a handful of gay guys wearing earring on the left ear instead. Pink is a feminine colour but nowadays it's popular among guys whether straight or gay. It's just our own perception of how things are.

manglish, come visit pikey punya rumah lor... I tumpang the plants there. hahaha!

Xjion89, cactus very tahan lor. Plant outdoor or indoor oso can. easy to take care oso. Nice choice.

Legend said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Legend said...

Anyway, point is....
In the west, it's assumed that those colours and wat not are associated with orientation.

But here in malaysia, most just dun give a damn.

Bravebear said...

In my opinion, they don't give a damn because those things are not important. Rewind 10 years back and try wearing pink T-shirt. I bet many people would think u are sissy.

As for purple colour for demonstrators are already outdated. Being colourful is more of the trend. The gay culture is not static. It changes just like fashion. It also differs by region and country. There are no written rules to how to be a homosexual.

pikey said...

@Legend: Hmmmm... interesting observation. I wonder if you in the same sexual orientation too as the gays. Most straights do not incline to know that much or show that much of curiosity towards it.

Legend said...

^ No I'm straight, I'm just more observant and knowledgeable in general compared to the rest.

Legend said...

^ you can ask me most other general knowledge stuff too, I'll know something about it.
The way society thinks and react really intrigues me especially in this blog where there are clearly 2 shades of of people(straight and not straight).

Bernard, different colours meant a lot when you are a teenager and everyone is well... like tat lar.
Wearing pink when u r an adult 10 years ago had no effect also, especially working shirts.

I just know general stuff bout gays in the eyes of public or at least those who're observant.
Also, my first post was more of a joke then a serious comment.

Ultraman Jino said...

red looks more gay to me haha. yin sai very nice! celery also nice! banana also nice why dont grow banana tree?

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

JeenYi @ Genie said...

" No I'm straight, I'm just more observant and knowledgeable in general compared to the rest."

Now that's pathetic Legend. You can't even beat me in certain things. Don't leave harsh comments on Bern's blog else you will get your ass kicked in KL soon.


Legend said...

^ =_='
In terms of culture and fashion maybe(coz u club damn often) , but...
didn't we went through this b4 d.

Wait me come back KL.

JeenYi @ Genie said...

LOL~ Yeah kinda. Still, I am keeping my eye on you... *skeptical look*

Don't try anything funny.

@Bern It's been awhile since I chat with you. Hope we could meet up in KL soon.

Bravebear said...

Jino, how to plant a banana tree in an apartment?

Jeen Yi, ok ok... I always got on9 wad... Now holiday liao.