Kai Zen Japanese Lunch Set

Friday, April 16, 2010

So the bear was up for some Japanese food for lunch yesterday. Kai Zen Restaurant is located in Puchong, some where near dardar's home in Bandar Puteri. Lets start with the deco of the restaurant. The design is abit too 'modern' as the sofas were white and the lights were 'western-ish'. Bear would prefer the deco to be more traditional with sushi table and tatami mat. Anyhow, the restaurant is cozy and comfortable. The service ain't bad either but bear would be happier havin' more men around if you know what bear mean =p

The bear ordered set 3 that consist of a bowl of spicy soup ramen, 3 pieces of sushi, watermelon slice and a plate of tuna mayo.

As for the sushi, the fish slice was really thick and well made. You could just feel every inch of the meat in your mouth. The fish slice also sticks to the rice. As some of you may know, the proper method of dipping sushi into the sauce and wasabi is not to dip the rice into the sauce. This wouldn't be a problem if you were using your hands to take the sushi. The real problem is when using chopsticks as the fish slice tends to fall off. Bear's previous visit to Sushi King was disastrous. The salmon slice as well as other toppings fell off the rice instantly like they were never meant to be together. This isn't the case with Kai Zen's sushi. Thumbs up for the sushi!

If bear is not wrong, the tuna mayo is made from fresh fish or at least they don't use the canned ones. Canned tunas has this strong odour that is not really pleasing and that was not present in the tuna mayo that bear had. The dish would be better if the bones were removed thoroughly from the dish.

Then we have the spicy soup ramen. For starters, it ain't really that spicy. Just spicy enough. Bear reckon that most folks will be able to tolerate it. You know how noodle tend to stick and stay the same shape after long storage? The noodles were tangy and didn't have that feel sticky feeling. They also include a wide variety of vegetables in the dish mostly those with a more crunchy texture. For those that really cant stand spicy food may choose other lunch set as they have non spicy ones too. The pricing is affordable given the portion and taste of the food. The set lunch are only RM8.50++ non inclusive of the tax. Worth every penny!

~Brave Bear certified~


William said...

Haiyu... makan salmon kat rumah tak cukup... :P

orange-wee said...

wow, that is cheap, I WANT~~~

the happy go lucky one said...

thats very extensive review, and its really cheap hor, thanks!

Xjion89 said...

hahaha, sushi oooo~~~
quite cheap toooo~~^^

hey hey , how r u ?
i am super busy here~~~
keep in touch~~~

Mark said...

I agree with William. Nampaknya daily dose of salmon is insufficient for a growing bear XD

Pikey, buck up!~

ohmywtf said...

i heart japanese food! In fact...anything japanese..lol