23 Footprints of Brave Bear

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bear got tagged by the pooh A.K.A Mark. So bear with me. The post is gonna be quite a long one.

1. The number one fact that everyone MUST know about bear is that he loves his mother most! No matter what mama bear says or do, bravebear will love mama bear. Even as bravebear might complain about mama bear, deep in his heart he knows he loves mama bear like no other. No one can replace her.

2. Contrary to popular believes, bravebear is the eldest of a sibling of 3. The bear is often times mistaken to be the youngest due to his carefree behaviour.

3. Red was once a colour that the bear despise cos it was bright and attractive. But J has shown bear that it is a very wonderful colour. Bear now holds on to this colour for it makes bear happy seeing this colour. Always bright, cheerful and attractive.

4. Despite the bear looks small in size, he can actually eat mountains of food. Please restrain from taking him out to buffets.

5. Bear can munch on mangoes everyday if given if the supply at home is plentiful. His favourite fruit to date.

6. The first gay movie that bear watched was Shelter. Followed by Love of Siam that etched its way to the heart of bear. He cried for days and was emotionally unstable because of that movie.

7. Bear confessed his sexuality to his mum on the day after he watched the Love of Siam. A dinner filled with emotions.

8. The bear idolizes no one but himself. Despite the many flaws of bear, he never looked down on himself because he loves himself for who he is today.

9. How the blog title came about. Bernard means as brave as a bear. Bears leaves pawprints but it didn't sound nice so footprints was used.

10. The bear was once really atheletic. Won 3 gold medals (4x 400m , 800m, 1500m) and a silver medal (400m) during his form 1 sports day.

11. Ever heard of Kung-Fu Panda. The bear is a blackbelt holder in Taekwondo and has joined several sparring competitions with medals of gold, silver and bronze.

12. The bear is an avid reader of several manga series. Dragon Ball, Dragon Quest, Sailormoon, Doreamon, Crayon Shin Chan, Bleach, Detective Conan and Defense Devil. It all started from Doraemon where the bear borrowed from his kindergarten tuition teacher. But Naruto has remained at the top spot of all.

13. Bear repeated Final Fantasy on his game console for uncountable times. His favourite up to now would be Final Fantasy 7 and 8. Squall, Cloud and Vincent, a hot threesome perhaps?

14. No pies tastes like apple pie. Unless they have mango pies! Yummy!

15. Like all bear, honey is a delicacy that no bear could resist. Pooh loves it doesn't he.

16. Bear has a scar on the back of his right thigh. Bear sat on the kitchen top one day. Without realizing that the drawer was opened he jumped off and his thigh was scrapped by the edge of the drawer.

17. The bear lived without internet access at home till the age of 18 years old.

18. The first porn that he only took a short glimpse was when J showed him. Straight japanese porn. About 2 minutes if my memory serves me right.

19. When eating prawns, Bear prefers them to be totally unshelled. He dislikes removing the cumbersome shells on his own.

20. Blueberry cheesecake from UPM bakery tastes heavenly. It tastes so much like the ones from Secret Recipe. yum yum~

21. Naughty naughty bear. He 'took' money from mama bear's handbag sneakily whenever mama bear is not around until he got caught one day. From that day onwards he never steal from mama bear :p

22. The bear is crazy about Heroes, a TV series full of super power. He hopes to one day able to control time and space as he likes just like Hiro Nakamura.

23rd of May. Remember this date well. The bear expects birthday presents ^__^

~If you can't live with something, make a change. If you don't, just quit yappin'~


the happy go lucky one said...

wowww... like this mah very worthwhile for u to go to jogoya? :P
and lol at 23rd fact :P

Mark said...

Wah, bearx2 also quite fast hor. Like his hubby XD

1. Yes yes, every gay guy loves their mummy very much XD

3. Red is hands-down my absolute fave color too, followed by black and white.

4. Another deceiving aspect. First I thought you were like a kampung boy, now I know you're as ravenous as a bear XD

5. I ADORE mangoes, next to durians XD

7. Very curious about this one, write about it someday?

10/11. Fuyoh...don't wanna mess with the bear. I pity Pikey if he ever crosses you. Hiyeah! XD

15. LOL, ya hor. Both also bears XD

22. Hehe, love heroes too but lately story is kinda too fast paced. Would love to have telekinesis and regeneration =)

23. Wah, creative use of the number.


can bring u to eat buffet dy~ :P

William said...

Sweet of you to declare your undying love for Mama Bear!
FF over and over again?! Hebat!

J-boy said...

I totally agree about the prawn shells!

Wah blackbelt! Better not get in a fight with you hehehe..

nicky05 said...

hahaha.....i think you forget to mention something....that you are still virgin.....XD

Ultraman Jino said...

i hate dirtying my hands when eating. coz i dont want you guys see me licking and sucking my fingers for the last taste of the food >.<

and i like the chinese song in your blog. it reminds me a lot of the past i had...

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

pikey said...
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pikey said...

2. Same here too but sometimes can behave like the youngest, lols

3. Blue is still my favourite color

4. Used to be, now on a half vegetarian and mainly fish diet

7. My brothers know about it

10. I was more of the study type with all the academic achievements

13. Dragon Ball, Doraemon, Crayon Shin Chan, Dr. Slump & Detective Conan

19. I used to eat the shells too until you explained to me why not to :P

20. Same here with chocolate banana cake...

22. Crazy about Star Trek!! LOLs

23. DOB? Your day+5 and your month+1

Bradley Jesse Hyunckel said...

2-im the youngest of all sibling(including half-sibling) but i'd looked more mature...

3-i loves blue,cool.everything must in blue.even word verification below also blue...

6-i havent watch yet any fully gay movie.wait,was bruno count?(i just watched recently).

8-must say that i'd worship Lady GaGa and Henry Golding most.

9-i loves everything with Suikoden,hench i guess im the bearer...

12-i have doraemon,dragon ball,conan,hajime kindaichi(way better than conan)and the most i like is Dragon quest:dai no daiboken but unfortunately i couldnt myself the last book but thanks to Nicky.bleach i watch it by anime.

13-i will repeat Suikoden series all over again...

19-ugh,hate prawn and crab!allergy

22-im also a tv addict

conan_cat said...

wah, so many interesting facts of yourself! don't know which to start on, but i'll just say this,

you're one really special bear. :D

it's great that you're proud of who you are, a lot of people are still struggling to get to that point in life! so keep it up, and make yourself as something you will be proud of when you look back in life!

but then, i'm sure you're doing that already. ;)

arun raj said...

i like this post a lot. its cute and endearing!