Butterfly Encounter 3

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I was surfing the net on this particular evening. Nearing the time for my next class, I took my bag from the pigeon hole and head out of the library. The skies were dark. Strong wind blew with rage. My messy hair turned messier. As I walked down the steps of the library I saw umbrellas flying. Squirrels scurrying for the nearest trees. The monsoon is here.

Upon reaching the bus stand, I sat patiently waiting for the bus. Seconds after, the rain poured like there was no tomorrow. The blowing wind getting stronger by the minute. The sheltered stand barely sheltered anyone.

From the nearby trees they emerge. Tiny little purple butterflies. All blown towards the bus stand where I was standing. I was mesmerized by the sight. They hanged on to whatever they could. I found a few attached to my Forest T. Some on my hands. Even some on my hair. They were holding on for their lives. I picked one of them and placed it in my palms.

About 15minutes later, the bus finally arrive. What took you so long!!! Covering my palms I rushed into the bus. Nope, not a single one of them made it. Must have been blown away by the strong winds...

~If you can't find anyone to hold on to, you can always hold on to me~

Dare to Love

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I woke up today hugging my bolster. I tried to recall all that has happen this past month. It was like a dream. I certainly hoped that it's not a dream. Too sweet a dream for me. Scrolling down my phonebook the name is still there. I let out a breath of relief.

Facing the laptop screen I wonder if you are still asleep. If you are, I wish that you'll have a nice dream. Just before I was awakened by my alarm clock, I had a dream. A dream where I was searching for a lost soul. My roomie too was in the dream. We were given a magical compass that will direct us to the lost soul. I met several of my coursemates while in search of the one. I was hoping to find him and can be sure that it's him that I was searching for. But the ringing tone awakened me before I could complete the dream.

I had so much fun while I was with you. I love every moment that we shared together. While I was lying on the couch, you sat in front of me listening ever so attentively. I can feel your every bit of sincerity. Your every smile paints a smile on me. You have shown me how much sweeter the world could be.

People say that when we fall in love, we give a part of our heart to the person we love and that our heart would never be complete again. And when we break up, the heart can never be whole again because we have given a part of it away.

It is true to say that because the person has taken a piece of our heart and we can never retrieve it back. But have we not also received a part of their heart? It is a fair trade to me. It's also like this that we would forever remain in each others hearts. Remember that we are the ones that willingly gave that part of the heart away to be shared. No one can force us to give it away.

~If you are afraid to love, you will never be loved~

Naughty Am I Not

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On the way back to UPM last Monday morning. The lil' bear was feeling itchy.

Salmon: Don't play with it lah~
Bear: Not playing lah~ Itchy leh~ Trim liao then itchy lor...
Salmon: Next time I help you trim shorter. hahaha!
Bear: Yeeee...

The bear was feeling naughty! He took lil' bear out and played with it. Luring the salmon in hope that he could catch the salmon red-handed. The salmon's eyes were trapped between looking at that cute lil' bear and concentrating on swimming back to UPM. The salmon was smart enough not to get caught all for the sake of maintaining the safety of both bear and salmon.

~Woah! It Looks Longer Now~

Shopping Spree

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Despite the classes in uni has resumed, I have been going out with dear alot these past few weeks. There was a meet up with several bloggers that I have been so eager to meet. Dinner at Old Klang Road with William, SK, Evann, Gratitude, Takashi, Joe and Bunny? hehehe... How should I say it... Meeting them in person they really looked different from the pictures in facebook. LOL!

A very nice dinner I would say. Bak kut teh and steamed fish was really good(I lovee the mushrooms!). But those pork kidney thingy sent chills to my spine. Yucks... Then we continued on to PappaRich(second visit???) for some supper. Honestly, I don't think PappaRich is nice lor. Or perhaps the over-priced food doesn't suit the wallet and mouth of this Bear here. The drinks are so-so and the bun and bread that I had there was also mediocre. Nothing to shout about.

I spent the past weekend at Puchong. Shop and shop and shop til I dropped again. LOL! I have never liked shopping unless I am shopping with my mum. But it turns out that shopping with lingling was so much fun. From Mid Valley to The Mines then to IOI mall. After so much walking I only came up with 3 items. LOL! 1 from each shopping mall. A polo T, a round neck and a sleeveless.

Had a first try of prawn paste chee chiong fun for lunch some where I think. Even with the yong taufu still couldn't satisfy the tummy and so I had a bowl of asam laksa. Teeheee!!! While at The Mines, we had some tea with marble cheese and durian cheese cake. wakaka! So yummy lu...

While on Sunday morning we played masak-masak again. Raisin oat bread with luncheon meat and fried eggs. Dear left the sliced tomatoes in the refrigerator to be chilled but forgot to take them out for the sandwiches =.=" Night we had Puchong yong tau fu for dinner. OMG! Really delicious! I finished the tomatoes for supper that night...

The bear is putting on weight if I am not wrong. Can start to notice the tummy abit bigger liao(or was it my imagination?).

~More Than Words~

Cameron: Rolling Down The Hills

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The breakfast on that morning was better I say. They had KokoCrunch! Yay!!! hmm... Had one bowl of that with milk. kekeke... At the breakfast table was a Japanese couple. According to them they were on a super-duper-long-holiday. If they are, they must be filthy rich!

Checked out of hotel after our breakfast and down the hills we go. On the way down we saw some parts of the hills covered by mist! Dear was so excited seeing the cloudy mist while William attempted to take a picture of it. We took a brief stop at the Avant Chocolate Factory. Upon entering the structure, I saw some well decorated chocolate cakes that looked so tempting! Gimme gimme, I wanna EAT!!! T_T

After some sightseeing(there was a live turkey there and OMG it was sooooo ugly!) we continued rolling down the hill. Lunch break was at Bidor's infamous Pun Chun. Had some bad memories of ill tasting wanton noodles in the past but hey, let bygones be bygones. Lunch was herbal duck thigh noodles. OMG, the duck tasted so good! As for the noodles... =.=" A Sad Case.

I spent the weekend at dear's place and we had a masak-masak session on Sunday evening. Dear was the cook while I helped out with just preparing some of the ingredients. The spaghetti and herbal chicken soup was really good =)

The night before I return to UPM, dear and I took a stroll outside. We were in luck that day as we make our way back home dear spotted a tiny green glowing thing! I shouted AHHHH!!! Firefly!!! hahahaha... I was so happy. Never thought we would be able to see a seriously declining species roaming just in front of dear's apartment. What an end to my New Year holidays. Yippie!!!

~A tiny flickering light of hope~

Cameron: Honey Moments

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Last to get out of bed was me. kekeke! Did I not mention that I like to hide under the blanket! And so we had our breakfast after everyone was ready. Nasi lemak was the only option for me because the fried vermicelli looks terrible and the awfully strong stench of fried koew teow in the morning could send me to the toilets. I also took a bowl of cornflakes cereal and milk. YUMMY! bleks! I never try that before mah!

Then we head out to some Agrotourism Farm not far away from our hotel. Nothing really amazing there but I would really like to pluck those grapes dangling above the walkway. The strawberries are yet to ripe and there wasnt much to see there except for thier beautiful bloom of flowers. The koi fish in one of their water feature was especially tame. I placed my hand into the water and gently caressed the fish without startling them. It's not really the scenery that captivates me. But being able to spend time with someone that I love is what counts to me.

Water Cress Farm was our next stop. I spotted another pond of koi fish. It seems to me that the farmers here really adore koi hmmm... Peaceful and serene is what I can describe this place. The water cress are planted in the most simplest way. Tiny snails in crystal clear cooling water made my hands itch and I just had to disturb them. kekeke...

After our lunch there, we continued on to the apiary. I was hoping for a guided tour but don't have lor. After a stroll around the area filled with flowers, dear and I got ourselves some herbal tea eggs. Aromatic and yummy! hehehe...

Next stop was Cactus Point. More flowers than cactus there and their cactus are no where near impressive. But I did enjoy the sweet potatoes bought by SK(or was it William... hmm...). The flowers became models to William and dear dear lorh... shucks... Not me =.="

Next we went to Strawberry Moment Cafe where we had our tea break. YIPPIE! Shared the blueberry strudel with dear and I had a cup of strawberry cappucino. Dinner time was at the Kowloon Hotel and it was steamboat again! hmm... The chilli sauce was really lousy. I would have dropped in a comment if there was a box for it. While the adults camwhored I cant help but to notice the Datuk was eyeing on me. Not too obvious but noticeable :p

Then dear and I took some time off from the party and we headed for the night market. It's more lively at that night I must reckon. We tried some honey freshly cut from the hive and it was amazingly sweet! We held hands all the way through the night market ignoring those pesky eyes of disbelievement. I spotted a cute chinese guy with a pink umbrella hanging on his bag. That twink has his eyes set on both of us and I am sure he wants a piece of both of us. LOL!

I totally forgot that dear has his bladder full. Hahaha! I suggested that we head for the nearby KFC but on our way there we came across the king of fruits! And so, dear had his relief by the nearby petrol station and indulged ourselves with some durians. Back at the room, the aromatic scent right from our very mouth exposed our dirty little act. After shower, it was lights out and we called it a night.

~Honey Tasted Sweeter Than Strawberry~

I Miss You

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It was about 6pm when I woke up from my nap yesterday. I felt a slight headache. After the dinner I took a rest on the couch while watching TV. Right after I am done with the dishes I headed for the bed. I thought some rest would help to relieve the pain. I was wrong! It was just the beginning. The deep inner sensation pulsed every few second as if there was some bizarre creature munching on my brain from the inside.

Mum was worried and asked if I would wanna see the doc. Gladly I agreed to it. While waiting for my turn, I see people asking for pregnancy test, another old lady here for a check up and some kids chatting away. At the counter was some of my sister's friends as well as my schoolmates whom I barely know. Being called into the doc's room by my classmate's sis was abit weird. I gave a friendly smile at her.

Briefly told the doc of my situation and the doc did some tests. Facing me from the back he massaged the back of my head and I felt the sudden relief of the pain for some moment. Was given some pain killers and muscle relaxant. The Doc said that it could be that I don't drink enough water, lack of sleep and perhaps bad sleeping habits and patterns.

Back at home, took the pills and drank some water and head for the sacks. The ringing in my head didn't stop. Woke up at about 1am by the headache again. The intensity of the pain felt like it was multiplying. It was unbearable. I took in 2 more pills. I couldn't take it anymore and I reached for my phone. I wanted to make the call but it was so late. Didn't want to wake him up nor worry him. I didn't want to be a troublesome bf. I sat on the bed alone. Blankly I stared at the screen of my phone hoping that somehow he would call me. I cried each time the pain intensified. I wanted him to be with me. Am I selfish not letting him share the pain?

The night went on with me waking up every hour. I could hardly sleep. The painkillers had not much effect. I miss him so much. I really just wish that he could be by my side. By 5am the pain slowly subsided. I could finally get some peace. Dear, I really miss you.

~You Give Me Strength To Carry On~

Cameron: The Last Day of 2009

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I woke up in his house without getting enough sleep due to certain activities being held. Memang tak tahan disentuh... LOL! yes, this is to get your imagination running :p

Went to pick up William and SK. 1st time trying luncheon meat with bread and it actually tasted good! hahaha! Thanks to SK for the breakfast =) Also first time meeting them and abit shy shy lu... kekeke... In time they will be able to see the more interactive me.

During the lunch, we were asked if we would want to try their fruit rojak(Malaysian fruit salad?). I wanted it! The sparkle in my eyes caught the attention of dear and he knows that I want it. LOL! In the end I thought rojak can eat anywhere and why wanna eat in Cameron =.="

Our first stop was at the Boh Tea Centre at sg Palas. OMG! That place is soooo beautiful! Didn't know such a place existed in Malaysia! LOL! hmmm hmmm... I would usually pick up the apple pie with my hands and shove it in my mouth lor... but but... since its a little crowded there I had to struggle with the fork... I know I know, I memang macam budak hutan...

After the guided tour on how they process the tea leaves. We made our way to the hotel. Yippie! I just like to lie down on the hotel beds and roll like a kid. Bleks! The steamboat that evening would be better if we were able to sit on the outside of the restaurant. For me it was still okay but dear was sweating all the way... so kesian hor... I personally like the chilli sauce that they have there. The veges were really sweet! LOVE it! But I thought the soup would be better if it was some herbal soup.

We welcomed the 2010 in our hotel room munching on peanuts, kuaci, some fish satay I think and glasses of wine while watching some Aaron Kwok concert. The wine went in tough the 1st few sips but eventually turned easier. Hot hot hot... My body felt so hot... Moments later lights off and we went to bed. Memang tak tahan disentuh dan menyentuh :p

~New Year kiss of Cameron~

I Am Back!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

LOL! I have been missing from the blogosphere for some time now due to the amazing end of 2009 as well as the brand new air of 2010. To start things off, Happy New Year! yea yea... I know it's kinda late but remember, Better Late Than Never! hahaha!

30th Dec 2009, met up with you-know-who and watched Sherlock Holmes at Sunway Pyramid. My first time there! Yippie! I felt that the deco there was actually better in comparison to Mid Valley and Pavillion. Lots of glitters hagging everywhere. Raindeers and snowmans on the outside looks realy cute too!

The movie was fantastic. No need to elaborate much, it's a movie well worth watching. See it for yourself! Watson in the movie looked really appetizing! kekeke! oppsss... You agreed too Dear... hahaha!

On the way back, we stop by at PappaRich(Is this how to spell it?). Anyway, it was my 1st time there! Yippie! Yala yala, I am a country boy caged in a city =.="

The next day the 31st will be on the next post! Chiao! back to reports and assignments :p

~The Great Detective~