Where are we now???

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It all began on 1st of Dec when I accepted his add on messenger. Almost everyday we would chat on messenger. We even exchanged numbers so that keeping in touch would be easier. This 'someone' has been mentioned before in my previous post. Lets refer to him as P. Everyday I would wake up hoping to see him online. From our conversation, he gave me an impression that he is smart, friendly and cute. Day after day, I begin to miss him whenever I don't see him online. I would wonder what he was doing at moments when I don't see him online.

Every night, I would hug my bolster and imagine P being the bolster and hug him to sleep. How nice if could do that. Yesterday, we met up at the Kepong Jusco. I waited at the vege section(I know it's a little odd meeting place, LOL). There he stood in front of me in his blue T. The nervousness build up quick on me. It's one thing to chat online, but it's totally different face to face. But, P was good enough to kept the talk flowing although there were awkward silent moments. Hmm... I guess I really need to apply what I have learnt from my English lessons in uni. I failed terribly in keeping the conversation lively.

Dinner together at Food & Tea outlet. 1st time going there lor. The portion of the food is a little small but the drinks were okay. I wanted the mango Tong Sui there but apparently it's not available at the moment =( I ate slowly cos P have a little difficulty to eat at the moment. But turns out I ate too slow. He waited for me to finish =.=" Then we continued a short walk in Jusco and headed for The Fruity Stall in Kepong. It was raining that night and so he got the umbrella. While crossing the street, we held hands. Urm, easier to cross together mah! LOL! There at the stall, he knew practically what I wanted and he ordered for me >.<

After our food there, he sent me back to my home. While sitting beside him in his car, I couldn't stop smilling. hmm... but I really wished that the night wouldn't end. Time flew so fast. So many things running in my mind that giving directions to my home was a bit clumsy. With his car pulled up in front of the house, I glanced every direction seeing if there was any of the neighbours out there. None in sight! Phew! I hesitated at first. Not knowing if I should go for it. But, I didn't wanna lose the opportunity. There we were, in the car, our very 1st kiss. I didn't really felt the braces though. It's as if they weren't even there >.<

~Again please~


Evann said...

Wow you reached first base on the first date? Not bad!! You're a little tiger!

manglish said...

#1: luckily it is not the fruits section u had asked to meet up ahahahahh but then it wouldnt be entirely inappropriate given the circumstances hahhaahaha

#2: maybe next time u shud bring ur laptop to chat with him face to face AHHAHAAHAHAHHAAHAH

ps: i am looking forward to more post on P :P

Gratitude said...

You didn't finish the stroy , right :P
Blare all in Part 2 yea! hehe

nicky05 said...

hahaha... Jusco Kepong lo....Sometimes I go Carrefour Kepong buy thing lol...anyway, you same me lo... always waiting for him to online.... everyday very miss him lo....hahahah...XD.....anyway, "gong hei"...."gong hei".....hehehe...XD

William said...

I wonder if can feel the braces during a BJ.... :P. Hehe. Happy for you.

foongpc said...

Kiss on first date? Gosh! What's next?

pikey said...

Hhmmm... wish the rain would never stop eh...

Clayden L. said...


woot wooot!!


phewwwweeeeeetttt!!! :P

sorry. ahaha. but so shweet! :P now it's my turn to whistle at u two. :P

TZ said...

hmmm... I saw two small little word @ the left lower corner ~Again Please~ in red. What do you mean? :p

Bravebear said...

Evann, I am a bear... not tiger! bleks!

Manglish, the vege section and fruits are together. LOL! Lets hope there will be more to come :p

Gratitude, part 2? No noti stuff on 1st date :p

Nicky, thank u thank u! hehehe! You stay nearby Kepong too?

Bravebear said...

William, HAHAHA! LOL!

Foongpc, hmm... What is next leh... I am anticipating too ^^

Pikey, yeah =)

Clayden, u got ur beau le... lols! we can whistle at each other now ^^

TZ, U say leh??? LOL! just wanna meet each other again sooner =) Don't over-think! hahaha!

ShAKirA CHOONG said...

So sweet! I am so happy for you! You guys sound in love already! I hope there will be more to come? All the best!

Bravebear said...

hehe... Thanks Shakira =)