Shop til Almost Drop

Friday, December 11, 2009

Went shopping for presents today. Went to Hoong's house at about 10.25 and we headed for the Kepong KTM station. My my... am I surprised. Soooooo MANY lengzai leh! WTF! As usual, there are more gals than guys at the station. But the guys there today was yum yum. I saw 2 particularly that caught my eye. 1 of them was wearing school uniform. Another one in formal. While the last guy was in T and jeans. But sad to say, lengzais that I meet are normally shorter than me ~.~ I too tall??? Don't think so lorh~ I only 173cm wor...

Anyways... After countless hours and walks and reentering the same shops... I finally got 2 presents! LOL! 1 for my roomie and another for my sis. Hoong with 7 presents if I am not mistaken. gulp... That is so many ~.~

What are the presents you may ask... well... Can't reveal yet :p
Wait till 13th Dec yea. kekeke!

After all the hunt, we had our lunch at Kenny Rogers. hmm.... I ordered the Cheesy chicken combo =) The spaghetti that came with it was terrible. My mum could cook better spaghetti. While the roasted chicken that came with it was okay =) A little expensive though... The 2 of us totaled up the bill at RM56. WTF!!! Hoong and I agreed it's a little over our budget. We wont be seeing Kenny for a looooong time :p

Back at Kepong, I waited the bus for nearly an HOUR! It would easily piss off most ppl i think... But happy to say I am most patient with it =) It's a merry merry month anyways... So cheers to everyone and may everyday be happy for each of my dear readers =)

~Shopping is tough job~


manglish said...

in school uniform????? you will very soon be labeled as the "kuai peh peh" at the station if u make any move!! HAAHAHAAHH.......Merry Xmas

Twilight Zone said...

Why no present for me?

Merry Christmas Bear!

Evann said...

Meat is expensive... Turn vegetarian!! ^_^


shopping is fun~ not tough :)

orange-wee said...

i want shopping!!!!!!

William said...

Yes, Kenny Rogers is obscenely-priced!

Gratitude said...

Agree with you, I alwiz thought Kenny Rogers and Nando's are overpriced fast food outlets.

Better have a bottle of eyemo with you next time, coz you may get sore eyes after so much cruising! :P

Bravebear said...

Manglish, I can control my hands de... But the eyes are harder... LOL!

Twilight, U wanna present ah~ hmm... I give u one. MUACKsss! wakaka!

Evann, do they have vegetarian sushi?

L2, fun AND tough! I could barely walk when I reach home T.T

Orange, go go go... Got sales now. LOL!

William, any suggestion for good food and fair price. The cheaper the better :p

Gratitude, my eyes are made for cruising. I believe that is what they do best :p