Returning To Uni Life

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Today is the second day of the start of the new semester. Exausted I am. No handouts. No soft copy allowed. We were back to old school note taking with our pens and paper. WTF! All morning I was jotting down notes! With the flu bugging me, all I want is good night rest after all of todays task are over. My course registration went well as the lecturers were kind enough to fit the rest of us in. It has been raining all evening and night here. Gosh! Real happy that I told my mum to get me an umbrella. I knew it would be handy.

A few series of incident proved me right as I have suspected SOME of the Malay drivers in UPM are racist! They discriminate those not of the same skin colour!

1st incident:
when a Malays waits for the bus at the stops, the drivers would gladly open BOTH doors for them to come up or go down. While for non-muslims, they would be reluctant to open the front exit and ask them to take the back exit.

2nd incident:
A few Malay girls were walking down the hill and the bus driver gladly waited for them although they were walking damn slow. Me and 2 of my other chinese coursemates were running down for the bus and we got honked many times. There was once the driver didn't even wait for us as we waved at them while rushing down the hill.

3rd incident:
This afternoon as I got up the bus I told the Malay driver, "Encik, naik ke makmal ya" He didn't get what I said and I repeated the word makmal 3 TIMES and finally he asked me, "Lab ah?" I was like WTF! Don't understand Malay ah? Makmal = Lab ??? And the driver thought I was the only person to go the lab that noon and since I am non-muslim he decided to make the lab the last stop. After going all the stops except the lab, he asked the Malay girls "You semua juga pergi Lab? I ingat you semua nak ke pejabat Dekan." Do you see it? WTF is this? I was silent the entire time I was in the bus because I knew what he was trying to do. The lab could have been the 1st stop because we would pass by the turning to the lab 1st before the others! I hope he would be 'blessed' by his god for all of his doings.

4th incident:
When non-muslims forgot to take their matric card they are not allowed to ride the bus and it is PERIOD! But when Muslims without the card got up the bus they would one eye open one eye close.

5th incident:
I was walking back to college and a bus passed by but did not stop to asked if I wanted a lift. A couple of Malay girls were walking back to college but the Malay bus driver decided to stop and ask if they needed a lift and when they denied the request the bus driver insisted and persuaded them to got up the bus.

There you go. All readers can be the judge. As I have mentioned in the early of the post, this statement is refering to certain Malay bus drivers in UPM and not all of them. I have encounter a couple of them that are very friendly and nice. But truth be told, there are still those out there that see us by our ethnicity. Different treatment is given depending on our skin colour. What a wonderful country we have here... Malaysia Boleh! :p

~I am not a chinese, I am human, call me Malaysian~


pikey said...

grrr... really WTF!! screw them!!

hmmmm... hope the medicine from the clinic helps you to relieve the symptoms and make it easier for you to sleep.

Get well soon!

William said...

Pikey's gonna bash up a few bus drivers after this. :P
Malaysia Boleh.... buat sesuka-hati ma...

Medie007 said...

is like that one lor...

ichimaru akira said...

sori on behalf of the malay drivers..

Just remember that ur a degree holder and they would always be a driver now and forever.

Personally,Just ignore these ignoramuses

nicky05 said...

lol...I hate these people lo....Complaint... complaint ..Complaint...hahahah..XD

Gratitude said...

Bring out the placards! Bring out the banners! Bring out the animal heads!

(but remember to remove the braces!) hehe

manglish said...

yeah it takes these few to spoil things....but what to do, it is something that cant be avoided....happy new year :)


well, this is not the first time and its not gonna be the last. Study hard and earn a better life than them ~

Lucas said...

well... bbear, just be strong and tolerate it for how... thats what we malaysians have been trained to do... take it up the ass all the time without complaining...
i guess some of the mps are right, 'u tak suka u keluar la...' sadly thats what alot of the bright minds are doing nowadays.

savante said...

Do not ignore this idiocy. Keeping quiet is utter rubbish, brave bear. Get up there and scold the drivers if you feel there's unfairness around. There's no need to be quiet about it.

Just remember that nothing changes if you do nothing about it. Speak up.

Or else be bullied.

Bravebear said...

Pikey, muacks! kekeke!

William, memang Boleh! LOL!

Medie007, yalor... See them oso sien le...

Ichi, will do so! hahaha!

nicky, I lazy want complain, the procedures are too mahfan for me. LOL!

Gratitude, what animal head orh? Bear head? hahaha!

Manglish, kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga? Correct ah the spelling? lols...

L2, YES! hahaha!

Lucas, woah! take it up the ass? sounds painful... LOL!

Savante, I don't want too much drama. But will do so if it happens too often. I have fangs too! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

yes, hate malay bus drivers. i'm actually half malay half chinese but i don't look malay at all, and whenever i go hometown taking bus at pudu, i tend to always get bad treatment from the malay bus driver. it sucks but i don't let this thing get to my head. the thing is , people in general are racist. my dad experienced it when he was in europe.