Dealing with Pain

Monday, December 7, 2009

I am sure everyone here knows what is pain. Pain comes in many forms. The most common form of pain that we recognize would be physical pain. Be it is toothache, wounds, or self inflicted pain, we always find ways to deal with it. There are people that likes pain, the sensation is converted into pleasure in their mind. But I am not one of them, so no worries =)

There are many ways that people deal with this pain that is mostly unwanted. Pain killers, anesthetic, drugs, smoking, you name it. There are plenty. Bruises after a gruesome sparring session are normally dealt with ice.

For me, I personally find that when I concentrate on my breathing, it eases the feeling. I do wonder why doctors or nurses tell mothers to continue to breathe when delivering their infants. Anyone knows the reason?

When in pain, I find that singing a song helps to ease it too. Anyone ever tried this? I think the main thing that we have to do is to put our concentration on something else and not the on the pain. When we know it hurts and keep thinking about it, the pain will just stay there.

The same concept applies to workaholics and devoted gamers. Their focus is on work/play and when they don't think about food. They can go on the whole day without noticing hunger. But when these guys stumble upon bloggers that constantly blog about food, it reminds them of their hunger. I think most readers also get this. Even when you are not hungry, but looking at the pictures of food on William's or TZ's blog will just make you feel wanting to eat or perhaps a slight hunger. I am really amazed by how our mind could actually control so many things.

~It is all in the mind~


manglish said...

ohhh u should ask Pikey about how to enjoy pain haaahhaha

Lucas said...

bbear! are u in pain? does this have to do with ur previous post of hiding?

TZ said...

Dude, evey time i take the food picture i will make sure the picture will make people hungry or hunger for food... :p

William said...

Many blogs make me think about sex.

pikey said...

Just let pain be part of your other senses like cold, warm and others. When we r anticipating pain, our mind is making it more painful than it should be...

pikey said...

@manglish:me is not enjoying it la.. jz making it a part of my life, lolx

James said...

Pain is like pressure.. it push you to move forward at times.

Well with regards to your qns on mothers are ask to breathe during delivery.. one main reason is to allow the mother not to feel tense due to pain cos it will contracts the delivery area and makes it hard to deliver.

Breathing calms nerves if you do u it correctly..

Mental pain comes with thoughts. If you can control your thoughts, you can lessen the pain.

Physical pain must depends..

Cheers!!!! :)

Bravebear said...

Manglish, Pikey enjoys pain? how you know de le? hahaha!

Lucas, yeah it does... Just a little though. But no worries =) hehehe!

TZ, jahat-nyer!

William, I am horny but not sex horny. LOL!

Pikey, yes yes! you are right =)

James, now I know! thanks for the info =)

Evann said...

Have you seen someone who's already in pain, but inflict more pain on oneself at a different part of their body in hopes that their mind would concentrate on the new pain and perhaps forget about the previous one? That is...GOLD!

Bengbeng said...

i dont enjoy pain. i go out of my way to avoid pain sometimes to the extent of taking pain killers before the pain comes if i anticipate it coming

Bravebear said...

Evann, O.o Are you that person?

Bengbeng, hmm... I dont enjoy pain too =( But we do have to go through pain and deal with it right? ^.^

foongpc said...

I only like one pain and that is muscle pain after a good workout! That pain is actually enjoyable! LOL!