The White Dragon

Monday, November 9, 2009

The dark world appear again
for the second time
the same thing
A field trip I presume
I was walking up a hill
the trail had nothing much in particular
upon arriving on top
there is this semi ovaled fishing pond
we were awed
its so quiet and peaceful
the waters were crystal clear you can just see the bottom
there came a fish
not just any fish
An Arowana
I shouted "Arowana! Arowana!"
Out of no where an old man appeared
he said "Ikan Hantu"
Something iz not right though
the fish is not in the water!
as if a tiny little white dragon
suspended in mid air...
Upon returning to the classroom
a female "bertudung" and I had a conversation
I suppose she iz the lecturer
she complained how my grades are dropping
and my assignments are incomplete
I took a glance at the assignments she was referring to
it was as thick as 3 Oxford Dictionary students edition piled up together
Awakened by the morning sunlight =)
~A sign of my laziness perhaps~


Medie007 said...

wierd dream...

and wats Ichthyology?? hmmm

Bravebear said...

Medie007, so much for my brain being able to remember them dreams. Ichthyology in short means the study of fish. Includes all the biology, evolution, history, and etc.

William said...

An "ovulated pool"?! LOL.

Just B3cks said...

err... its getting challenging for me to 'consume' your essence of writing. keke... btw, what is inside the ikan kolam ikan? ikan?hantu?

Bravebear said...

William, spelling error! Oval become ovul pulak... LOL.

Becks, there is fish inside the pool and floating on top of the pool. No idea whats with the Ikan Hantu thing. But thats what the old man said. Name of the fish perhaps.