Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This past week has been truly unproductive. I have did practically nothing at home. The usual combination of eat, sleep, online... Slack slack slack... Supposed to do revision but only read through. haiz... What is wrong with me. Every mornin' wake up straight turn on the com and look for food. Facebook just takes a whole lot out of my life. Mousehunting!

Brunch of the day = homecook Bak Kut Teh made by mum of cos.

Browsed the net searching for some part time for the coming holiday. Hopefully hit a good 1.

While chattin' with a fren of mine. Saw his status as "Do you really really love me?" and I somehow wanted to know who he was askin'. Not gettin' an answer from him kinda turn my mood near zero. No idea why I was eager to know. No idea why I would be emo. And when he finally gave an answer I still wasnt satisfied. Perhaps wasn't the answer I would like to hear. After awhile decided that I should take a nap and forget about.

Mum got back and dinner again Bak Kut Teh~ Round two! I muz admit that mums Bak Kut Teh is improving each each time. I critic alot yeah~ After dinner helped my mum wash all the dishes, sweep the kitchen and do some laundry. My sis bought 'Tau Fu Fah' again! tee hee! SO HAPPY =)

Did not even flip a page of any books or notes. Just like that I spent one whole freakin' day. Rate me. Judge me. You can all say what you want. LOL. I am not proud of how I spent my day anyways. bleh~

~why CAN'T I gain any weight lazying like this~


Jason said...

U can't gain weight?!..
lolz...join the club :D
I wish I could be that free...work is killing me..sigh

William said...

Lazy bear!

Gratitude said...

Having homecooked food and getting to spend time with your 2 fav ladies is indeed a wonderful day. ^_^

L M said...

Today super unproductive for me too~
Because I got something I'd been waiting for so long =)
Super happy!

Bravebear said...

Jason, join the club? there is a club for skinny guys to gather?

William, I know that :S

Gratitude, make it 2 ladies and a lady in making. hahaha!

LM, Hi5! hmm... lemme guess... your car? hehe... Good that u are happy =)

simonlover said...

Haha..I also very anxious whn ppl i know, tell secrets/gossips half-full tank only. I will keep pestering them till i get a satisfied story..Hahaha

Bravebear said...

Simon, I dont normally pester people to spit out the stuff. This was a little different. A suddenly feeling of wanting to know so badly.