Tau fu fah

Saturday, October 31, 2009

How happy of me

if everyday

I wake up to find my breakfast

ready on the table

prepared by the one I love

just like this morning


i kinda wished

it was a him who prepared


I am grateful

that you cared


that you are still here

you might not know

but I really appreciate it

that bowl of 'tau fu fah'



Brian LZQ said...

Shouldn't you be the one to prepare for him?

TZ said...

Anyway... my mom prepare breakfast for me every morning ... :p

William said...

Eggs and sausages for breakfast?

Bravebear said...

Brian, if there is a him I wouldnt mind. hehe...

TZ, that's nice! My house, everyone prepares their own breakfast.

William, I wished! *winks*

Just B3cks said...

:) Wish you a happy journey ahead! SO, finally you have found your love one!

Gratitude said...

It's alwiz nice to be able to love and be loved. All the best ! ^_^

Bravebear said...

Becks, I have yet to meet the 'him'. This post is my appreciation towards my sis :P

Gratitude, yes... My sis is the best! Love her so muchie!