Hunt for pan mee

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It has been almost 3 months since I last went to eat pan mee at a stall located in Sri Serdang. Its a 15 minutes walk away from my uni. After the test at about 11, Cyee and I decide to treat ourselves a nice bowl of pan mee. When we reached there, the stalls have been removed and we remembered she said about shifting her stall to a nearby shop. We scour the entire area for the shop! took us another 15 minutes on foot! I was sweating non-stop!

We gave up hope looking for it and decided to just go Bao Long(a nearby coffee shop with lots of food). Guess what... We saw her! I was like OMFG! I want my bowl of pan please!!!!! I am dying for it! Apparently she stopped selling pan mee ever since shifting to the new place because there were others over there that sells pan mee. I was really upset... DANG!

She showed us her new menu and I noticed the asam laksa! WooHooo!!! I was happy again but seconds later she told me run out of noodles to make the laksa... Damn it! In the end I ordered Horfun with soup. Haiz... But as always, she kept us satisfied by offering us extra fishballs and meatballs. Yay!!! I was immediately happy again! tee hee! Food food! and more food! meh~

Then on the back to uni I decided to grab a bowl of cendol to cool off... yum~ Sweet stuff just makes me happy =) Then while Cyee went to print some notes I got myself a glass of fresh mango juice! Wee~ Did I mention that I really like mango? My number 1 fruit! How can anyone not agree with me that mangoes are delicious!

Back to study now! Gambatte! RAWRRR!!!

~I am hungry~


Just B3cks said...

I love pan mee too :) waw, 15 mins of scouting! Then, the pan mee must be really tasty..

William said...

Continue to eat mango and you might end up the colour of Winnie The Pooh. :P

Bravebear said...

Becks, really yummy de! But gotta say bye bye to it ady.

William, oh no! that wouldn't look nice! But I dont mind turning fully into Pooh bear! hehe... I am a bear anyways... I want my honey! hahaha...

savante said...

Everything also sold out! That good ka this shop :)

Bravebear said...

savante, really good de lor. The food is average but I just like it simple. I am most attracted to her friendly smile and personality. She takes her time to know her customers. She realized that I have a big appetite but a little too skinny. She always throw in a few more fishball or 'fu chuk' for me. hehe =)