Zoo Negara 2

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gosh... Have been a little busy with all the field trips, reports and assignments and they are still undone. Here is a little update on the zoo trip :P

Ivan! give me my legs! Cameraman Ivan!

Left me & right Ivan! Cameraman Cyee!

Oh yea! When I was at the zoo, we actually bumped into 2 Malay guys. And throughout half of the walk in the zoo, they were constantly around us. They pose alot in their pictures! Did I mention that they are PLU? Why do I say so? Logically thinking, 2 guys in their 20s walking the zoo and snapping photos with all the posing. Constantly perfecting their pose and complaining the shots aren't good enough. Walk closely with their butt bumping into each others. Drank from the same bottle! I am not a stalker okay... Just that I can't help noticing how happy love birds are in the public.

Aren't they adorable?

The picture was taken when I was on my way back to uni in the KTM. Love is all around me lately and its lovely to see people in love. Well, I am in love too~ with who you may ask. HeHe... Next post lah~
Stay tune for more picture updates on the zoo!

~Love is in the air~


William said...

You're in love with a Sun Bear in the zoo? :P.

Nice spy cam shot.

Just B3cks said...

:P you stalker! kidding. So how;s your date with Ivan? LOL

Bravebear said...

William, hehe... thanks! I saw the Sun Bears too... Too bad not enough time to photo with them =(

Becks, Ivan is NOT my date! He JUST my coursemate =.="