The tri-Attack

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bear got attacked by 3 super irritating bastards today.
1st up, sorethroat...*clap clap clap*
2nd to hit, flu~ *Haachiuuu!*
3rd in line, cough *cough cough*
4th prediction, the almighty fever!(hopefully it won't strike me...)

didn't really get enough sleep last night cos keep waking up to drink water. Really salute them for coming in as a team. This morning woke up at about 7.30 and didn't even need the alarm clock =.=" just couldn't sleep!!! then quickly went out to print our group report. (so kesian ~.~ alone summore) then to the PK to meet doc to get some medication.
honestly... I was expecting them to be miracle pills that instantly take effect and I am at fully cured by the next minute... have to rush for lab summore at 9!!!
went to lab but just don't feel like doing anything. But am really happy cos my coursemates kept asking if i am alright... Thx u guys!!!

Really don't feel like smilling today, BUT!!! Me being me, I still kept the smile on cos that is my motto... my Malay frens told me that "senyuman itu sedekah" and so it is good to smile alot =)
And even till today, I remember 1 of my fren once said "Always be Happy. Always wear a Smile; Not because life is full of reason to =), but because ur Smile itself is a reason 4 many others 2 Smile =)" thx Boon~ I luv it so much!!! and to everyone out there, spread the smile =)

^^say CHEESE!^^