Sunday, September 13, 2009

Surprises. It come when you least expect it. Since the day I expect nothing from life. I found life to be relatively more surprising and interesting.
Like how I didnt expect MapleStory to be fun when I have so long not touched it. Even when I have lost so much after my account got hacked, I still find it fun to play and full of surprises.
Like how I didn't expect my MouseHunt trap to catch any mouse, but to my surprise I caught some rare stuff.
Like how I didn't expect my frens to react to my sexual preference. They were really supportive and understanding.
Like how I didn't expect my sister to love the birthday present I got her. She immediately emptied her old pencil case and filled the 1 I got her. I was surprised and happy to see her reaction.
I feel so surprised at how people would react as I no longer expect anything. And this feeling is so comfortable. I don't even go around teasing and scolding my sisters now. I guess this lesson has taught me to control my emotions and behaviour better. I would like to thank Evann for his post on The Empty Boat. It has brought peace to my mind and I now value harmony. Thank you Evann!

~Surprises come in times you least expect them~