MouseHunt (Breed vs Weight)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Yay! Bear joined the hunt for mouse again. This is the second time. The theme this time was Breed vs. Weight. Practically each player will have to catch 10 mouse of different breed and weight. Guess wad... Bear was lucky to get 1st!!! Well, it wasn't really all about luck though. The two area that I could compete in was Furoma or Lagoon. I chose Furoma for several reasons.

1st- We can catch the masters of belt, fang and claw using specially crafted cheese which is a guaranteed 3 diff breeds.
2nd- We can increase our chances of getting student mice with the SB+ or the maki cheese.
3rd- Using a SB in the Pinnacle Chamber of Furoma almost guarantees a Hapless mouse.

To sum it up, there are a total of 7 mouse that we can manipulate!!! instead of relying purely on luck at Lagoon or GGT why not take matters into our own hands? The competition was tough cos although I was competing in the Grandmaster category, there are players that leveled up to Legendary. They obviously had the advantage. It was a tie between me, Billene, and Rasler. Each of us needed only 1 more mouse to win!!! At that very last moment I used SB to attract a 1oz. Hapless mouse to secure my victory. Call it skill or luck or both... Really happy =) My second victory joining these competitions.

The reward was 32,000 of gold and 20SB cheese. Bounty collected. Many thanks to Toh Ying for organizing the competition.

~may our traps be swift and attraction rate high~