Ingredient hunting!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Went to Sogo today to look for the infamous Jalapeno peppers for a dish I cant wait to try out. Truly DISAPPOINTED cos can't find it! Dang! Guess I will have to use some other ingredient to replace it ~.~

Will be trying out baby gherkins instead. Hope this will work out. Keeping mai fingers crossed lol... After paying for the stuff I decided to take a stroll around Sogo. Bumped into this guy which I have not seen for years!!! Chun Leong!!! I was like WTF are you doing here and where the hell have you hide yerself??? haha... he is currently working part time there as a promoter. hmm... I am surprised to see him there but more surprised that I remembered his name. But sadly... He can't remember mine... lols... nevermind that.

Really exhausted cos went for basketball this morning at 8.30 with Lun, Pat, Chee Siong, Hoong and See Toh. Then went to Sogo after taking me lunch till bout 6 only I reach home... I walked so much!!! And sweat so much!!! Nonetheless a fun day XD

I'll be posting the dish pretty soon... hehe... cant wait...

~Can I replace chillies with cucumber?"


TZ said...

hmmm... of all the place you go for Sogo to get Jalapeno... what dish were you planning to cook. A Mexican dish? Next time you should try Mid Valley... at least you have Garden and Jusco.

Bravebear said...

TZ, yeah yeah... Learn my lesson ady. My mom la... she said there maybe got. Was planning to make mango salsa. needed jalapeno to spice things up.

Anonymous said...

stupid...go low class place for a high class ingredient...hopeless~ hahaha~ just to release my anger for making me leaving a comment for u...blek XD