Hungry Ghost Festival

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Woo~ Woo~
7th month of the lunar calender. The gates of hell opens. They roam the lands in search for food. Be back early! or misfortune may fall upon you...
Who believes in ghosts??? i don't!!! *bleks*
You may all say that they exist and bla bla blah... whatever man!

Why u may ask... Its simple, Bear have never seen any ghost ya... not even 1, so STFU about telling me ghost stories. Since bear was young(still am), I remember mom telling me to sleep early during the 7th month of the lunar calender. I always ask her why but she just wouldn't want to answer. Then I found out from my frens in school. They just luv to talk ^^ news and info just spreads really fast in school. Countless times i asked me mom about ghost... "Mee... Does ghost exist?" or "Mee... are there any ghosts in this world?" and I would only receive the same answer "Boy... there is no such thing as ghosts". Then I say Oh~ but there is always this little fear in me that they do exist. Lurking around the corner or bathroom of my house during the festival... and this is all thanks to those horror movies!

But despite what my mom told me. She would go to the roadside and burn 'money' and offerings. Mom... I am speechless... maybe you said what you said so that I would not be afraid of them and I love you for doing that. All this while I still dare to go toilet during midnight is thanks to what you said. Bear would go in and mutter "ghost don't exist ghost don't exist" hahaha... anyway, the reason why chinese burn these offerings are so that they get good luck or to prevent misfortune as in not to anger the spirits. ceh~ wadever~

^^See No Evil^^