Footprints of B & B

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It was Autumn
where maple leaves shower
covering the very surface of her
the one we call mother
I walked and walked
in search of company
or maybe
just nuts, berries or honey
as i sniffed around
i spot a scent so familiar
with every step i draw closer
it grew stronger
without realizing
we were just inches apart
I looked at that odd looking figure
while its eyes stared right at mine
we checked out each other
somehow we are similar
it was another bear
his name too has B as a starter
we walked together down a narrow stream
I enjoyed the fun & laughter
how i wished we could keep walking together
to share our thoughts with one another
looking forward to the coming days
hoping our paths will cross again
but until then
take care my dear friend...

~i would like to be your friend~


Brian LZQ said...

Thanks for your reply post.... my new found friend

Just B3cks said...

Friend play important role in our life ... :) Wish you all the best!

p/s: Come accross to ur blog, I'm newbie in blogging too.

Jason said...

Hmm...a new blogger :)
Welcome to the blog sphere.