Study O Play???

Sunday, August 9, 2009

lappie makes its 1st appearance =)

at library since 9 am. didnt study at all... keep facebooking and chat with my sis... then mousehunt and farming...

really muz study lei. Test are gonna be tough this sem and i am still fooling around haha... ~.~swt-nye

still wondering if another 4.0 is possible anot...(yeala yeala... u guys always say i pretend la... wadever...) the truth is --> tough cos i am still playing here. LOL!

1st up tmr will be crustaceans and lucky me! i love this subject so much ^^

the upcoming ones will be tough tho... but i will do my best cos dont wanna lose out to my juniors le... hehe =) the sleepless week is here again...

Meeting Boon Yong later. graduation!!! and actually i am kinda late =.="