Out of My Mind?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Todays lab involves food ^^ BUT!!!
those are food for fish and shrimps =.=" Abit sedih lorh~
After the experiment i was curious about sumthing... How does it taste???
LOL... 1st time try... *nibble* *nibble* *nibble*
to my surprise, it didnt had much taste O.o
so i tried more and there were more than 20 types there... WOAH!!!
i only tried 4 of them though... HAHAHA!!!
well... as always i am the crazy 1 in the class... my juniors kept staring at me....
my friends kept saying that i am crazy... but guess what!!!
my juniors followed MY footsteps!!! that is RIGHT!!! they were curious about how it would taste too just like me and i knew it... the only difference between me and everyone else is I am BRAVE enuf to try them while they waited for others to try 1st. Hmph....
I am the self-proclaimed REVOLUTIONIST of the aquaculture team... Ahahaha...

trust me when i say there are many of you out there that would like to try it too =)

^^We only have one life, cherish every moment you have for we do not know when it will end ^^


jo-n said...

wat is the food made of?

Bravebear said...

the food are formulated pellets... made from variable ingredients that include fish oil, corn meal/kernel, soybean meal, copra, rice bran and lots more... haha XD