Bear meets shark

Friday, August 7, 2009

Interesting lab ytd ya... hungry bear meets a puny shark. hehe =)
Of all fish to draw i drew the shark. haha... dont get to see often in lab lor... too bad its a DEAD 1 lol... kinda wish its still alive. wonder who's fiercer, bear or shark? GROWL!!!

Bear just loves to take his own pictures...

Carcharhinus sp.

wondering why i did not post the picture i drew??? bleh :P dun wan let u all see my ungly drawing. haha... the above is a preserved shark. it's kinda soft and stinky. urgh...

H1N1 alert!!!!!!!!

right after lab ---> went to the college office to grab these... free mah... mai go get lor. hehe =)
but nvr tried to put it on LOL... to every1 out there, GO SEE A DOCTOR IF U ARE SICK.
and QUARANTINE yerself... hehe... take care =)